Raised and educated in Saskatchewan, my teaching experience, my husband’s career and our family travels have offered me inspiration and creative opportunities from the prairies to Ottawa, from the Caribbean to the suburbs, from Paris to Montreal and back home again. Travels to Greece and Italy have offered me additional themes to portray with my pencil and paintbrushes.

In the study and exploration of textiles, papier-mache, watercolours, clay, oils, mixed media and acrylics my interest and themes continue to be the human experience.

Studies in figurative expressionism, portraiture and studio drawing contribute to the unique expression found in my works.

Inspired by the forms and structures of Modigliani and encouraged by Van Gogh’s daring with colour my work explores an emotional impact that I hope will challenge the viewer to share the experience.

In one of his many letters to his brother Theo, Van Gogh wrote “…I should like to paint portraits…in which I do not endeavour to achieve…a photographic resemblance but by means of …impassioned expressions… using…knowledge of and…modern taste for colour as a means of arriving at the expression and the intensification of the character.’ (letter W 22)

My paintings have been shown in Montreal and are accepted into many juried shows in the Ottawa Valley. My studio and The Drawing Room Gallery are in my Nepean home. 

From a Montreal show:

“What Donna Lynd paints are not exactly portraits… but images, that dissolve into a wonderful visual play of colour planes, a simple yet elegant composition accomplished with a great economy of means….”